Summertime Girls

Gen X Flashback Friday Music Video.

Today’s video is Summertime Girls from 1985 by the band Y&T. The song was released as a single from the band’s seventh album, Down for the Count. It was also a studio track that appeared on the band’s live album, Open Fire that came out in early 1985.

Summertime Girls was the band’s highest charting single on the Hot 100 peaking at #55. The song got airplay on rock radio and went as high as #16 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The video was in heavy rotation on MTV and the song still gets played on classic rock radio.

Y&T was formed in 1974 in California and was originally called Yesterday and Today. The band has sold over four million albums and is still touring the world.

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Around the World in a Day by Prince & the Revolution.

On April 22, 1985, Prince and The Revolution released Around the World in a Day. This record was the follow up to the massively successful album, Purple Rain, which was released in 1984. While not selling as many copies as Purple Rain, the album did reach #1 and went on to sell seven million copies.

Two top ten singles did come out of the record. Raspberry Beret went to #2 and Pop Life landed at #7. In the video for Raspberry Beret, the young blond lady who hands Prince his guitar was actress Jackie Swanson, who went on to play the girlfriend and later wife of Woody Harrelson’s character on Cheers.

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