Happy Birthday Lee Majors

Happy Birthday to Lee Majors, who played two of the greatest TV characters in the Gen X era. Lee was born on April 23, 1939 in Wyandotte, MI.

Long before there was a Stone Cold Steve Austin, Majors portrayed Col. Steve Austin on The Six Million Dollar Man in the seventies on ABC. Austin was an Astronaut who was severely injured during a crash and was rebuilt with bionic implants that gave him super speed, super strength in his right arm, and an eye with a zoom lens and infrared vision.

He came back in the ’80s as a Stuntman who also did some part-time work as a bounty hunter on The Fall Guy which also aired on ABC. Let’s also not forget that he was married to Farrah Fawcett during her time on Charlie’s Angels when she was a cultural phenom in the mid-seventies.

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