“Lone Wolf McQuade” 1983

Lone Wolf McQuade was released on April 15, 1983, and starred Chuck Norris and David Carradine. Norris was the top Martial Arts star at the time and Carradine’s TV show Kung Fu had helped kick start the Martial Art movie boom of the seventies. The film was directed by Steve Carver, who had also directed Norris in the 1981 film, An Eye for an Eye.

This was a martial art fan’s dream come true to have two of the genre’s biggest names go head to head. The final fight scene pitted Carradine’s flowing Kung Fu style up against the straight forward karate style of Norris. There had always been rumors that the two stars didn’t like each other and that things got somewhat real during the final showdown. Carver has recently confirmed this during an interview on the YouTube show, A Word on Westerns.